Prayer Intentions & Condolences

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  • Prayer Intentions

    Alfred Cerullo

    Thomas Farrell 

    For Administration, Faculty and Student Body of St John the Baptist High School 

    For the Angel family 

    Karen Angel Torres

    Anthony Blasi

    Rebecca Clock and the Class of 2020

    For our priests and religious

    Baby Jude Manzella

    Pray for Right to Life

    Gertrude Lannigan

    Betty Kerrigan

    Blake Shaw

    Geraldine McKay

    For Evelyn Perez

    Denis Duran

    Jimmy Keane

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Richard Cellucci

    Tamara Smith-Moore

    Susanne Kirk

    Marianna DeLeon

    Seanaleigh Chacon

    Seth Powell

    Dolores Aaron

    Josephine Falotico

    Ramon Prudencio and Teresa Vega

    To Walk with Jesus

    For Teresa

    Mother’s Day wishes to the entire SJB

    Dylan Steigerwald (class 2013- 2 yr anniversary)

    Ginnie and Larry Schoenfelder

    Elaine and Bob Aaron

    Evelyn Perez

    Julie Humpert

    Mary Mullaney 

    For Campus Ministry

    Ekbom,Noviello & DeStefano Families. . 

    Aunt Joann

    Lawrence Schoenfelder


    Olga Saburro

    For the St. John the Baptist community

    Alexa Sacripante

    Class of 2020

    Gladys Arikian

    Marion Infantino 

    Rebecca Clock 

    Mike and Anna Saggese. 

    Jean Ficarra 

    Pam Reyhing


    Olga Saburro

    Joseph Bashaw Jr

    Mabel Colson and Ralph Lombardo

    Paul Rudolph 

    Michael Kendrot & Mary Joan (O'Hara) Kendrot  

    Jeffrey Forsyth 

    Donna McCourt, Scott Levine

    The children at the Hogar in PeruPeter Franzese

    William Schnider

  • Our Condolences to Those Who Have Passed:

    Det. Raymond Abear, NYPD

    William Malone

    Julio Migenis

    Illana Abramson

    Zachary Cotoure

    Yolanda Espiritu

    Marie Sica

    Janee F.

    Alex A

    Mr & Mrs Rivas

    Mrs. Sastrowardoyo

    Jose Negroni

    Albert Ioanna

    Joseph Alzheimer -  Alumni

    Anthony L. Preziosi -  Alumni

    Irving Cruz 

    Wilfredo Collazo 

    Alvin Collazo 

    RoseMary Clementi 

    Pam Reyhing

    Gabriel Antonio Arenas

    Florence Bell

    Jose from the Hogar in Peru