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Art Gallery Club

Ms. Abbondola

Thursday 3:00-4:00 

Room 111

This club helps to maintain the SJB Art Gallery. Here students develop themes and ideas for different viewings and also design and maintain the gallery.  There are usually 3 shows per year displaying artwork of our talented students.  Open to all grade levels. 

Astronomy Club  Mr. Grover
Ms. MacEwen
Tuesday 3:00-5:00  Room 107 This club will introduce students to the planets, stars and constellations through the use of the telescope, discussions, videos and group activities.  You will also learn about the International Space Station, NASA missions, and how telescopes can be used for space photography. 

Bel Canto Chorale

Ms. Yenick Moir

As Scheduled


Music Room

See Course Offerings 

Big Sibling Program

Ms. Donohue
Mr. Maher

As Needed
(June –September)

As Needed

Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors, Big Siblings work in welcoming freshmen and new students to our school. They serve as CORE leaders, individual “big siblings” or serve on one of the many “behind the scenes” committees.  Freshmen serve as big sibling to new students who may transfer into SJB later in the year.  It is required that you attend summer meetings, contact your “little” brother/sister, attend a “core” party and also Freshman forerunner days here at the school. 

Book Club 

Ms. Mammola Monday 2:45 Room 309  

Chamber Ensemble

Mr. Donohue

As Scheduled(Class)

Music Room

Offered to all instrumentalists by audition, the class will meet alternating days.  Additional rehearsals and performances will also be required.  Attention is focused on chamber music performance (duets, trios, quartets, quintets, etc.)  The students will also be expected to perform in public in ensembles throughout the year. 

Chess Club

Ms. Forst
Ms. Sciara

Monday  2:50-3:50

Room 302

The SJB Chess Club provides a comfortable setting for aspiring “chess wizards” to compete against each other and against other school teams.  

Culinary Arts Club

Ms. Lopez
Mr. Coulanges


Thursday 2:45-5:15 


Learn the basics of cooking in this club.  Students will prepare, cook and serve meals! Students get the opportunity to prepare meals for certain functions at the school. Registration is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis (students in all grades are welcome). 


Ms. Sussman
Ms. Kovalevich
Ms. Holub

2:55 – 5:15

Room 315-Dance Studio

This club is for students who want to learn how to dance, choreograph and perform.  This club is a performance based dance troupe open to all grade levels and dance styles-jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical and/or modern. Students practice and develop programs for the school and local community. 
Danceworks Webpage

Drama Club

Mr. Maher
Ms. Whitfield

Wednesday 3:15

Room 103

This club allows students to explore their abilities to write, act and direct in a smaller setting rather than a large school play.  Students work on acting skills and improvisational skills throughout the year. This is open to all grade levels and usually involves two to three performances a year.  
Spring Musical Webspage

Earth Club

Ms. Besendorfer

Monday 3:00–4:00

Room 209

The Earth Club undertakes activities and campaigns on issues concerned with helping the environment.  The club’s mission is to heighten the awareness of environmental issues for all students and faculty.  

Ethics Bowl Team  Ms. O'Grady TBA 3:15 Room 114 Students involved in this team learn Ethics and Philosophical Theories as the basis for constructing sound arguments and logical explanations to address various cases that we will study throughout the year.  Students may attend workshops taught by Philosophy Professors from various local colleges and a team will compete in the Long Island Ethics Bowl each year. 
Himphonix Ms. Yenick Moir

As Scheduled

Music Room See Course Offerings
History Club Ms. DeLapi
Mr. Grasso
Alternating Mondays 2:45 
Room 325 or 327 The purpose of this club is to bring together students who enjoy not only studying the past but are interested in current events as well.  Students can work to further develop their historical knowledge by researching and writing about topics of interest.  The club aspires to submit articles to the Concord Review -- the only quarterly magazine to publish the academic research of high school students. 

Irish Club

Ms. Fatuzzo Thursdays 2:45-4:00 Room 112 The Irish club explores various aspects of Irish culture; Irish language, music, dance, history, cuisine, literature and ancestry.  Our club is open to all grade levels and students of all cultural backgrounds.

Italian Club

Ms. Langone

 Alternating Thursdays 2:45

Room 320  

For students interested in learning about the Italian culture, traditions and geography of Italy, the Italian Club offers many opportunities to display their individual strengths in music, art, cooking, etc.  Open to anyone who just has a desire to learn about the Italian culture.

Jazz Ensemble

Mr.  Donohue

Odd Days (1,3,5)

Room 121

Offered to advanced students, this ensemble meets alternating days.  Attention is focused on learning the elements of jazz and contemporary music, including improvisation and arranging, culminating in a major performance in the Spring.


Ms. Reichardt

Thursday 2:45-4:00


One of SJB’s most populated clubs – it’s a real stitch!  The club is open to new and experienced knitters-students, faculty and/or staff.  Come learn new skills and share ideas on knitting with all members. 

Liturgical Music Group

Fr. Ketcham

Thursday 3:00-4:00


The Liturgical Musical Group works to coordinate and sing all of the music for our planned Days of Prayer, holiday masses, etc.  These students would be leading all during masses and services via song and hymns


Ms. Lombardo
Ms. Mauio

Monday  2:45-3:30

Room 207

SJB Mathletes is a club designed for those interested in the field of mathematics.  This club provides a fun and enjoyable environment in which students can compete against each other and other schools regarding their expertise in math.


Mock Trial

Ms. Ghigliotti

Wednesday 3:00

Room 310

The Mock Trial Club provides students with an opportunity to learn about and participate in the judicial process. The culminating activity is participation in a tournament sponsored by the N.Y. State Bar Association.  If you have an interest in this exciting process, then join Mock Trial!

National Honor Society

Mr. Grasso

Monday 2:45 (1st of the month)

Lace Lecture Hall


Noteorious/Noteworthy Ms. Yenick Moir
Monday 3:30-5:00
Auditorium Noteorious (co-ed) and Noteworthy (female) are the schools premiere a cappella ensembles that perform an eclectic mix of popular music.  This high caliber ensemble offers unique opportunities to feature soloists and perform music with a few students per part. Membership in the group is select but auditions, held in the early fall of each academic year, are open to any student.  Annual performances include fall and spring vocal concerts, as well as outreach opportunities in the larger community, and other performance groups.  


Mr. Donohue

As Scheduled


Offered to players of string instruments (viola, violin, cello, bass) by audition, the ensemble meets every day.  Attention is focused on ensemble playing and musicianship, using both transcriptions and original literature for orchestra.

Peace and Justice Club

Ms. MacEwen
Ms. Maddalena

Wednesday              3:00-4:00

Room 314

The Peace and Justice group (as part of Campus Ministry) provides students with an opportunity to work for justice in our school and local communities. Students in this group are actively involved in helping the poor and less fortunate in our local community by visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the needy and working to give shelter to the homeless. This group seeks to raise awareness to the school community about the needs of others right here in our school, community, nation and the world. 

Pep Band  Mr.Johnson As Scheduled  Band Room Pep Band is a club that participates at various sporting events throughout the year.  The purpose of the Pep Band is to provide spirit and support to the SJB Community.  Any instrumentalist is welcome to participate. 
Percussion Ensemble  Ms. Donohue Days 2, 4, 6 2:50-3:30 Music Room See Course Offerings 


Mr. Coulanges    

Thursday   3:00

Radio Station
(2nd Floor)

Students can be “on the air” or work “behind the scenes” at St. John’s radio stations (AM and FM).  Both stations are music oriented allowing students to format radio programming which appeals to them as well as the school and local community.  Students can also learn how to format shows that can placed on our website for all to download and listen to in the comfort of their own home! 

Spanish Club

Ms. Lopez

Wednesday 3:00-4:30

Room 223

Take some time to understand, explore and learn about the Spanish language and culture.  Members have the opportunity to speak in Spanish and become aware of different Latin American cultures through planned activities throughout the year.  All students can participate in this club!

Speech/Debate Club

Ms. Hall

Wednesday 3:00-5:00

Room 304

Develop ideas and learn to present arguments in this club. Students practice and compete throughout Long Island in various categories such as declaration (memorized speech), extemporaneous (impromptu speech on a specific topic) and oral interpretation. 

Spring Musical

Mr. Whitfield

TBA (Nov-Mar)


Open to all students interested in performing in our school's spring musical (School Play).  If you have the ambition to be on stage then join us in the Spring! 

Student Council

Student Leadership Corps is comprised of "leaders" from each of grade levels who love to be involved in the "spirit" of the school.  Working together with the moderator they plan, organize, and coordinate specific events of the school while also implementing service projects that may involve the student body.  They are the "energy", "spirit" and "fun" of the school 
Student Council Webpage

Executive Board Ms. Callahan Wednesday 2:50-3:45 Room 120           
 Freshman Ms. Madacsi Wednesday 3:00-5:00 Room 218 or 313 
 Sophomore Mr. Lloyd Wednesday 2:45-4:00 Room 313           
 Junior Ms. Brady Wednesday 2:50 Room 222
 Senior Ms. Closson Wednesday 2:45
Room 117
Symphonic Band Mr. Johnson

As Scheduled

Band Room See Course Offerings 

Table Tennis

Ms. Genovese Wednesday -
Room 322 This club is for those interested in
learning the skills of table tennis.
Friendly competition with your class-
mates is where it's all at!

The Forerunner (Yearbook)

Mr. Costa
Mr. Coulanges

Thursday 2:50

Room 216

The Yearbook staff, consisting of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, meets regularly throughout the year and is responsible for the publication of the school yearbook.  The students will design and create a yearbook that will be the permanent record of their experiences at St. John the Baptist.

The Prophet

Mr. Coulanges

Monday & Wednesday   3:00

Room 202

The Prophet staff is responsible, under the direction of the moderator, for the publication of various editions of the school newspaper. Students are needed to write, report, illustrate, photograph, and design each paper and online edition of The Prophet. 

Video Broadcasting Club

Mr. Coulanges Monday & Wednesday 3:00 Room 202 
Students in this club work together with the moderator to produce, edit and shoot any videos that may be needed for the school for reasons such as advertising, public relations, events (ex: senior), or fun.  What a great opportunity for the student interested in media!

Voices & Visions

Ms. Donohue

Thursday            4:00

Room 306

Our literary magazine provides an outlet for young poets and aspiring writers. Staff members are responsible for compiling, reading and editing works of short fiction, poetry and/or art that may be selected for publication in the literary magazine.  Open to all students who have an interest in the design and lay out of this publication.

Wind Ensemble

Mr. Johnson

As Scheduled

Band Room

See Course Offerings

Women's Chorus

Ms. Yenick Moir

As Scheduled

Music Room

Offered to select female singers, this class meets daily for an entire year.  This course is a continuation of the students performing arts experience emphasizing voice training, score reading and sight-singing.  Theory lessons continue to ensure students read music fluently enabling the performance of challenging repertoire

Writing Center

Ms. Sciara

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Students needing any help in their writing process-getting started, editing, etc. can go to the Writing Center for help from SJB students who excel in their English courses.  This can be an on-going process for all!  What a great resource for all!! 

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