Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

1 lb bacon, cooked & cut up

1lb breakfast sausage, cooked & cut up

1 ham steak, cooked & cut up

2 – 3 potatoes, peeled, grated & squeezed of excess water

½ onion, grated

6 sprigs of fresh Thyme

1 Egg White

18 eggs

¼ - ½ cup of half & half

2 cups of cheese, mixture of cheddar, jack, mozzarella, etc… 

1)      Mix potato, onion, thyme and egg white in a bowl.  Add to a preheated skillet & spread out so it is in a thin layer.  Let cook for several minutes until the potatoes are crispy.  Flip over and repeat on the other side.  Once finished, let cool and then crumble up. 

2)      In a large bowl, whisk the eggs & milk together.  Add bacon, sausage, ham, potato mix and 1½ cups of cheese.

3)      Pour egg mixture into a greased pan.  Top with cheese.

4)      Bake at 350° for approximately 45 minutes to an hour or until set.

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